Paraphrasis Q&A

Loaded sample has some unwanted audio artifacts. What shall I do?

Firstly, check audio quality of your sample. You can check “How do I prepare audio sample for processing?” If it doesn’t help, try to mess up with resolution. Paraphrasis automatically sets resolution to 80% of detected pitch. Try other values among 70-85% of pitch value first, then you can check others. Doesn’t work for you? Please send me an email (support(&)! Some more enhanced parameters are planned to be added, but until that, please try to choose another sample (sorry!).

Sample is out of tune how can I fix it?

It is possible that pitch detection failed. However you can adjust the pitch to match the tuning. If the synthesised sample sound lower, increase the sample pitch parameter. If it sounds higher vice versa. If the sample is totally out of tune or it sound really strange use spectrogram tool to find out frequency with highest energy (usually the bright lights in spectrogram) and try it as sample pitch parameter.

How do I prepare audio sample for processing?

Probably you already have an audio editor, but if you don’t I would recommend Audacity which is free.

  1. Remove noise with Noise Reduction. (Sometimes it is maybe better to use noise reduction after eq.)
  2. Cut silence at the beginning and the end.
  3. If the sample is too long, you can trim it at your will. Fade in or fade out your cuts.
  4. Use equaliser to enhance sonic quality of a sample. Cut everything below 50-60 Hz. If it is a bass guitar/buss drum/double bass be careful otherwise you can probably cut around 100Hz.
  5. If your sample is stereo you can mix it to mono.
  6. Normalize audio.

What happened with VST for Windows?

VST for Windows is temporally unavailable due to licensing issues. You can read more about it here.

Where I can find some samples for Paraphrasis?

Check this entry.