Favorite Free Plugins of 2020

Everybody likes free plugins and everybody seems to like to write about them or make youtube videos about them. Well, I am not an exception! Here is my list of currently most used free plugins! These are not so well known IMHO, so be inspired!

Voxengo OldSkoolverb

Voxengo is mainly known for its awesome spectrum analyzer Span. But it has more cool freebies and my favorite is Oldskoolverb. It is clean sounding reverb with some character – not suitable for everything but sounds cool on icy synths. It has just the right color. Light and soft.

BTW check other freebies from Voxengo, it is my favorite freebie “bundle” since I don’t like Melda nor Blue Cat’s GUI. I haven’t tried Tokyo Dawn Records freebies yet though.

WaveArts Tube Saturator Vintage

The first time I heard this plugin my brain exploded. I couldn’t believe my ears. The signal sounded like it was really sent through an analog circuit! It adds some nice warmth and spaciousness. It can be CPU hungry, but the sounds, man!

BTW there is also a paid version! It was a while ago on sale on jrrshop for about $17.


ISO8 is still on my master bus. It helps identify problems in the mix. In a few clicks of buttons, you can hear your mix deconstructed to left-right-mid-side per bands. Really handy!


Time is money! This plugin helps us keep track of that valuable commodity. When working on a mix for a client we need to keep track of time. Or when working on a personal project it can show us how much time did we spent on that and it can force us to finally finish the track! This plugin should be in any mixer-producer-composer’s template.


d16 does great plugins, no doubt. They are my favorite and they have this freebie! It used to be my main limiter when I was mixing. It was replaced by FabFilter L2. But still my favorite. Nice GUI, good clean sound, easy to use. Not a brickwall limiter, but still a good one.


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