Westworld Scoring Competition

Spitfire Audio and HBO joint a couple weeks ago and offered this amazing opportunity to rescore a scene from Westworld TV Show. I took a part in this and is my version of the scene. If you want to know more about the winner and kind of interesting situation that happened after the announcement, see the rest of this post.

Winning track by David Kudell was definitely a creative one! See it below.

After the announcement a sh@t storm happened. A lot of participants (total number of entries was 11000) started to complain about the results not just for the creative and unprecedented approach, but for some other reasons. I won’t dig much in details. But I can suggest to watch Christian Henson’s (Spitfire Audio co-founder) and Alex Pfeffer to get really interesting and important points from this situation.

Just to note that even Hans Zimmer chooses to react and to address some stuff, which only illustrates how insane situation it was.


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